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These Days


12/8/06 01:27 am - thy_awesome_mod - Taken PBs

The List of Taken PBs

Check it before you decide who to use.


12/8/06 12:31 am - thy_awesome_mod - Plot

The long, complicated plot. Enjoy. If you choose a main character, please keep all of this in mind.


12/7/06 08:05 pm - thy_awesome_mod - Character List

The character list. Please feel free to tell me if you feel I've left someone out, and please feel free to apply for canons who aren't on this list. Also, if the character you are applying for is not a major canon, feel free to ask me if you can change their year. These are not concrete.

Strike through means taken
Italic means reserved
Bold means needed most


12/7/06 07:50 pm - thy_awesome_mod - Rules

Rules! Read them, follow them, worship them, come back and look at them every now and then to make sure they haven't changed.


12/4/06 11:05 pm - thy_awesome_mod - Application

Fill out the application, and then post it as a comment here. I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.



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