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Rules! Read them, follow them, worship them, come back and look at them every now and then to make sure they haven't changed.

The Way This Is Going to Work aka The Rules

  1. You must post regularly (at least once every two weeks, preferably more). This can be a journal post, or a thread. Or both would be wonderful!
  2.  Grammar. Spelling. These be good. (If you didn’t understand that I was being sarcastic just then, please, for the love of God. Don’t. Join.) Anyway, I will be watching. Especially on applications.
  3.  I also expect a decent length to your posts. No one-liners. Two to four paragraphs would be fabulous, especially on threads. The length of journal entries is more debatable.
  4.  This is an R-rated community. Swearing (to a certain extent) is allowed. Sex (but not graphic sex, and not constantly) is allowed. If you can take it, or you are younger and you know you shouldn’t be posting/reading it, don’t join.
  5.  God-modding = bad. Just don’t, okay?
  6.  Mary Sues/Gary Stus = bad. Ditto.
  7.  Netspeak = so bad you can’t believe it. No. Absolutely not. Okay? Okay.
  8. You may only play one main character, but you can have up to four total.
  9.  OOC drama isn’t fun. It’s boring, and it’s a waste of time.
  10.  Non-canon characters are definitely allowed. Just no secret love children of Voldemort, or freaking cool American cousins of the Blacks.
  11.  Check the taken character list before you apply. Please. And the taken PB list. I don’t want five characters running around Hogwarts all looking like Orlando Bloom.
  12.  It’s 1977. No email, no cell phones, no Johnny Depp, no iPods, no Green Day. Remember that.
  13. Slash is lovely, but keep in mind that the whole male population of Hogwarts cannot be gay. No one is allowed more than one gay/lesbian/bi character.
  14. Wait to be accepted before posting.
  15. I reserve the right to take you off, suspend you, or whatever if you break any of these rules. However, I will warn you ahead of time, and give you time to respond/fix the problem.
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