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The long, complicated plot. Enjoy. If you choose a main character, please keep all of this in mind.

It is the beginning of the Marauders’ (and co.) last year at Hogwarts. Over the summer Sirius got his own flat with the money from his uncle, and the four boys spent a few rather interesting weeks furnishing it, etc.


Lily and James are on the brink of finally getting together. He’s still hopelessly in love with her, and she is starting to soften severely in regards to him. Unfortunately, James doesn’t know this and with a bit of pushing from his friends has decided to attempt a more serious relationship with someone else. The someone else he chooses to pursue? Hestia Jones. A Hufflepuff seventh year, and one of Lily’s close friends.


Hestia has to decide what to do. Go out with the handsome, charming boy who she has always admired just a bit and risk ruining her friendship with Lily or turn him down? The only person she feels she can turn to is Ravenclaw Dorcas Meadows. A friend of Lily’s, a friend of Sirius’s, and the object of aloof Slytherin Evan Rosier’s affections, she is as close to neutral ground as they come.


But Dorcas has her own problems. She must watch as Evan slips slowly through her fingers, as he continues his descent to the dark side. Voldemort’s side. This drives her into the arms of her very sexually confused friend with benefits, Sirius, even as she and Evan try to salvage their previously good relationship.


Sirius, in the mean time is fighting constantly with Remus as they desperately try to figure out what happened over the summer, when they shared a few fumblingly passionate kisses on the couch of Sirius’s new flat.


The kisses that Severus Snape found out about from an intercepted note. Now he tries to decide what to do with this lovely little piece of information. How to break it to the world that their favorite womanizer may in fact be more interested in his decidedly male werewolf friend.


Peter, without even realizing it, is beginning to doubt his devotion to Sirius, James, and Remus, as they abandon him for more interesting relationships. He wallows in this, as well as his much unrequited crush on Alice Parks, who is basically engaged to Frank Longbottom.


It’s looking like it should be quite a year…




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