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Character List

The character list. Please feel free to tell me if you feel I've left someone out, and please feel free to apply for canons who aren't on this list. Also, if the character you are applying for is not a major canon, feel free to ask me if you can change their year. These are not concrete.

Strike through means taken
Italic means reserved
Bold means needed most


Sirius Black -7th

James Potter -7th

Lily Evans -7th

Peter Pettigrew -7th

Remus Lupin -7th

Frank Longbottom -7th

Kingsley Shacklebolt -5th

Bill Weasley -2nd

Benjy Fenwick -6th



Evan Rosier -7th

___ Nott -7th

Rabastan Lestrange -7th

Alecto Carrows -5th

Amycus Carrows -5th

Augustus Rookwood -7th

Severus Snape -7th



Dorcas Meadows -7th

Marlene McKinnon -6th

Broderick Bode -6th

___ Lovegood -7th

Edgar Bones -7th



Hestia Jones -7th

Alice (Longbottom) Parks -7th

Otto Bagman -5th

Sturgis Podmore -6th

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